Our Vision

Every family throughout Adams County will have access to quality child care and early education promoting successful child development, healthy families, and strong communities.

Our Mission

Meet the needs of all families by expanding and supporting quality child care and early childhood education across Adams County.


Support current and future childcare providers. Promote the development of new childcare centers.


Adams County partnered with UW-Madison UniverCity Alliance for the years 2019-2022 to focus on 33 issues around quality of life, including economic development, education, and health projects.

One of the projects was titled: Expanding and Improving Childcare Opportunities in Adams County. The project authors, UW-Madison Industrial and Systems Engineering graduate students, conducted a survey and stakeholder interviews and then researched solutions that might work for Adams County. Their final report included a recommendation on how to increase access to regulated child care in Adams County and the students suggested exploring a Business Centered, School-Based, or YMCA child care. After the conclusion of this project in May 2021, the Central Sands Childcare Alliance was formed to explore this further.

The Alliance has been meeting since July 2021 and includes representatives from multiple sectors such as parents, childcare regulation, the local school district, local health and human services, UW-Extension, the local technical college, Head Start, the YMCA, and other local partners.