Central Sands Childcare Alliance was co-created by Adams County Health and Human Services and community stakeholders to raise awareness about the lack of adequate childcare in our county. Our mission is to support access to and increase the amount of quality childcare and early childhood education programs across Adams County to better serve all families and children.


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Expanding our horizons

In an ambitious endeavor to cater to the growing needs of families across the state, the expansion of childcare services is underway. Recognizing that quality childcare is a critical component of a thriving Adams County, among many others, initiatives are being implemented to ensure access to reliable and inclusive care beyond traditional boundaries.


April 16th is Childcare Advocacy Day.

“When planning Advocacy Day, we believe it’s essential to hear from people throughout the state of Wisconsin and have the opportunity to share their stories. If you have been affected by child care deserts throughout the state, high cost of care, or anything early childhood or family support related, we invite you to share your story in the comment section below. Your story can help us better understand the challenges that families face when it comes to accessing quality child care, family support, and early childhood education, and we can work together to address these issues.”

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